The Dab Rite Pro Is Here.

A New Way to Dab:

Take Full Control

No more red hot dabs. Dab Rite is the world’s most advanced digital infrared thermometer designed specifically for the connoisseur.

The Start of Something Big:

The Original Dab Rite.

Level up your dab game with what High Times describes as β€œthe perfect way to dial in your ideal temp”.

Why We Dab Rite:


Emissivity Settings

Built-in emissivity settings for accurate measurement.


Both light and sound alert you when your preferred temperature is reached.

Led Guide Light

Ensures accurate temperature reading.

Automatic Shutoff

Automatic shut-off after five minutes of inactivity conserves battery life.

Flexible Sensor Arm

Easily adjustable for various rigs.

Silicon Carb Cap HOlder

A convenient non-stick storage spot for your spinner and caps and marbles.


Convenient Experience

Built-in LED guide light ensures accurate readings with preferred-temperature alerts.


Individual Control

Pre-installed emissivity settings and a high grade industrial sensor allow personal control of your experience.


Accurate Readings

Adjustable temperature-reading arm provides accurate readings while emissivity settings deliver precise infrared energy measurements.

Make It Yours:

Let's Get CUSTOM.

Custom silicon carb caps and covers mean you can make your Dab Rite as unique as you are. Buy a set, or mix and match to make your own combination.

The Next Generation:

Looking for the Dab Rite Pro?

Look no further. The long awaited Pro version of our game-changing IR thermometer is here.