Why settle for anything but the best experience?

We know and understand the ritual of dabbing and set out to create a new product that not only fits aesthetically with your rigs, mats and other fine accessories, but actually provides accurate temperature readings in order to take the perfect dab.

Utilizing high grade industrial components and custom programming, the Dab RiteTM will alert you when the temperature you set to take your dab is reached so you no longer have to worry about reheating your banger or taking a dab that is too hot. Say goodbye to chazzed bangers and say hello to proper dabs.

Once you Dab RiteTM, you’ll never dab wrong again.

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A new standard of measurement

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  • Emissivity Settings

    We added built-in emissivity controls so you could further dial in your experience with accurate temps

  • Alerts

    Both light and sound alert you when your preferred temperature is reached.

  • LED guide light

    The Dab Rite’s™ sensor is equipped with an LED guide that makes it easy to know if your sensor is aligned with your banger.

  • Automatic shut-off

    The Dab Rite™ will automatically turn off if it is left on and unused for five minutes.

  • Flexible Reading Arm

    Use the flexible arm to adjust the height and position of the sensor.

  • Silicone Covers

    The silicone covers serve two purposes. (1) It protects the sensor and (2) provides a safe place to store your carb cap.

  • Sensor Shield

    Our proprietary Sensor Shield is a gasketed silica lens that allows for IR passthrough, while preventing debris and oil from penetrating the barrel, and allowing the user to wipe down the exterior without harming the sensor.